About AuthorHello, my name is Bradley Grayson. I am a forty-nine year old veteran currently living in a tiny little town on the southwest corner of Virginia. For the past eleven years I have taught various shop classes at the local high school. Before that I worked as a carpenter building decks, porches, and other home additions. While this first job was certainly rewarding, I have gained so much out of teaching youth valuable skills such as welding and woodworking that there’s no way I would ever look back. Over the course of my time as both a carpenter and a shop teacher, I have gained countless experience with the tools of the trade. I can name every drill, saw, and lave in production.

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When the school considers buying new tools for the shop, I am the first one that they consult. All of this is to say that I found myself sitting on loads of information that, for the most part, I wasn’t doing anything with. That is my purpose behind creating this website. Drill presses are one of the most valuable pieces of machinery in the shop of any woodworker, but picking out a great one can require some research.

In writing this website I am hoping to put together a comprehensive guide to finding the best drill press, so that as many people as possible can find woodworking as enjoyable as possible. Skills and trades such as metalworking and woodworking are on a decline in this country. The way I see it, that is a terrible shame, and if my website can introduce just one person to the joy of creating something with their own hands then it will have fulfilled its purpose. If you have any questions about drill presses or woodworking in general, feel free to contact me. I’m always up for a good conversation.